Interaction between two continuous variables

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==Interaction! software==
==Interaction! software==
*Given the time and effort involved in
*Given the tedious nature of using the [[#Three Steps using SPSS | three steps described above]] every time you need to test interactions between continuous variables, I was happy to find Windows-based software which analyzes statistical interactions between dichotomous, categorical, or continuous variables, AND plots the interaction graphs.
*The software is called [[ Interaction!]] from a graduate student in the Information Systems department at Artizona State University.

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Statistical programs, like SPSS, do not always have "point-and-click" commands for every possible statistical test. This page is a description of how to test the interaction between two continuous variables. Two approaches are described below:
(1) three steps to conduct the interaction using commands within SPSS, and
(2) #Interaction! software by Daniel S. Soper that performs statistical analysis and graphics for interactions between dichotomous, categorical, and continuous variables.

*For a description of what is an interaction and main effects, please see the accompanying page about What is an Interaction?.


Three Steps using SPSS

There are three steps involved to calculate the interaction between two continuous variables.

Center the two continuous variables

Create the interaction term

Conduct Regression

Interaction! software

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